Go up stairs, and take your wheelchair or power chair with you! Throughout the Las Vegas area, many families are conquering their stairs with the help of a platform lift. Whether you want to provide full accessibility to a raised deck outside your home or are seeking a solution for multilevel indoor living from a wheelchair or power chair, 101 Mobility’s portable vertical platform lifts empower safe, floor-to-floor travel and full use of your space.

Why choose a platform lift?

  • They promote safe and easy travel between levels for both users and their mobility devices.
  • They can either travel vertically between levels, temporarily or long-term.
  • They ensure that the user is safely secured on the platform before operating.
  • They’re ergonomic and boast intuitive operation.
  • They’re backed by 101 Mobility’s One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Vertical Platform Lifts

The portable vertical platform lift empowers safe floor to floor travel, indoors or outdoors, for short-term or long-term use.

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