Maintain independence in the bathroom. Between the sink, tub, and even the toilet, there are multiple sources of water spillage in the bathroom which can create slippery surfaces. The costs of falling are high on many levels: pain, serious injury or even death; high costs from hospital stays and increased stress to caregivers or family. At 101 Mobility Las Vegas, we offer a selection of grab bars, toilet frames, and transfer benches that allow everyone the safety they need and the autonomy they deserve in the bathroom.

Why choose a bath safety product?

  • They promote safety while maintaining independence in the bathroom.
  • They are easily installed in almost any bathroom.
  • They can help you maintain balance on wet and slippery surfaces (grab bars).
  • They can provide needed support while using the toilet (toilet safety frames).
  • They can allow comfortable bathing or toilet use in a seated position (transfer benches).
  • They can easily be stored when not in use (toilet safety frames and transfer benches).
  • They’re backed by 101 Mobility’s One-Year Limited Service Warranty in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Bath Safety

From straight to custom curved, we offer the widest selection of professionally installed stairlift solutions to provide safe travel up and down the stairs — indoors or out.

Proud to carry the following bath safety brands:
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